Quality Assurance System for Diagnostic Radiology Departments



Digital X-Ray Quality Assurance

    The XRQA service has been developed with the future of NHS accreditation in mind, as
    set out by the United kingdom Accreditation Service and the Royal College of Radiologists.
    The technical team at XRQA will ensure that the service is consistent with national guidelines so that you can easily demonstrate the competence of your service, with respect to radiation safety and quality assurance should you need to apply for the UKAS - Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme.
  • Updated tests
    XRQA incorporates all new tests and procedures as and when they are introduced. All subscribers are informed automatically with the relevant information about the new tests.

  • No complicated calculations
    All the calculations for remedial and suspension levels are hard-coded within the system, in adherence with the IPEM91 recommendations. The results are displayed using a traffic light system.

Digital X-Ray Quality Assurance


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Digital X-Ray Quality Assurance
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